Why Should I Host?

Simply stated, hosting is less expensive and more effective than
operating a self-hosted current MRI environment.  Companies that
host MRI with us experience virtually no downtime, and there is no
money spent on “break-fix” IT services for the MRI product. There
is no SQL server to maintain or upgrade, and the purchase/
maintenance of Terminal Servers, Web Servers and/or VPN connections is no longer
required to bring real-time MRI processing to the remote sites.

Unlimited Support for the MRI product is also included. In addition, the
cost of
customization is decreased
. RE Data lowers its customization rates for hosting clients,
and has developed an eServices development platform to provide faster and more
feature-rich customizations, all without disturbing your production environment.

All of the equipment and software required to place MRI (or any other application) at ANY
location with Internet access is included in the cost of hosting. Additionally, installation of all upgrades to the software, installation of any applicable hot fixes, and regular maintenance of the MRI database are included, provided you have a current maintenance agreement with MRI.

From the downtime perspective, consider the cost of one hour of MRI unavailability at
any real estate office.

  • No leases can be entered; no data entry (i.e. accounts receivable) can be
  • Leasing Agents cannot pre-screen or check availability on their current inventory.
  • They would either reschedule appointments with prospective tenants or make a
    "best guess” as to their inventory status.
  • Tenant inquiries have to be answered with “I apologize; our computers are down.”

Under the Hosted platform, any company can operate at any site, at any time. If one
office is down, (due to a power outage, construction, or any other issue that would
prevent them from coming into the office and accessing the Internet) users can simply
log in from another office, or from home.