Services for Hosting Clients

RE Data has developed a series of value added services and products
that are available to all of their hosting clients. Some of these features
are included with the monthly hosting fees while others are an
additional cost item. An indication of these situations is noted on the
This is a program that appears on the
desktop of “selected users” at the client
site. In under 15 seconds, it makes a back-
up image of the database at that moment
in time. This is ideal for using just before a
closing or RENTUP or any critical process.
If necessary, the image can be used to
restore a selective record(s) or the entire
Guaranteed Uptime
The RE Data data center has only had one
outage in its five year history (in 2005) that
lasted for less than three (3) hours. In the
contract, RE Data penalizes themselves for
downtime and issues a credit to a client
when the system is down due to a data
center failure.
Optimum Performance
RE Data has made significant adjustments
and system level changes to make any
application operate at peak performance.
Many of the longest running routines and
reports are 15 – 20 times as fast or more
when using the data center.
Current Technology
The data center itself is comprised of the
very latest hardware and software
technology. The enterprise itself has its
components replaced on a three (3) year
or less cycle. The enterprise has virtually
unlimited processing capacity.
Multiple Hot Sites
As a measure of security and stability, RE
Data maintains three (3) additional facilities
with a replicated enterprise to the data
center. In the event of a complete disaster
at the data center, RE Data has the ability
to keep their clients operating with little or
no disruption to their daily operations.
SOC 2 Compliant
RE Data has a data center that is SAS70
compliant. The facility has also passed
through the Sarbanes/Oxley audit
procedure. There is a letter of compliance
available upon request.
Housekeeping on Locks
Most clients experience problems
where their users get “locked out” of the
system from time to time. To keep this from
happening, RE Data has developed an
automatic user reset function. It monitors
the users and when necessary resets their
locks automatically.
Test Area for New Versions
Most clients are cautious about
immediately installing new hot fixes and
service packs. RE Data has created a
solution. Clients are given a designated
"testing area" where users are permitted to
work with new versions of the software
using their live data.
Application of Hot Fixes and Service
There is a large amount of technical work
involved when the application is
upgraded to a new version or an interim
version. In many cases, this can also
involve a data conversion. RE Data
provides these services at no additional
charge to its hosting clients. In addition,
the work is typically scheduled during non-
standard business hours to minimize the
impact on the client’s staff.
Desktop Security Administration
RE Data deploys the security console to
the assigned individuals at the client’s site.
Those people are provided with all of the
tools necessary to control both staff
access to the data center and staff access
to the application. The client does not
need RE Data to participate in anything
related to this area.
RE Data develops and releases to Hosting
clients a number of automated systems to
help in the processing of their data. The
eServices department of RE Data focuses
on automating data entry, and providing
real time data to all users, both employees
and tenants.

Please see the
eServices section for more
ACH Payment Processing
RE Data works together with the bank(s) of
the client to establish the proper links. RE
Data already has a working ACH process
with several of the larger banks. There is a
custom view added to the standard
programs allowing the user to enter the
appropriate bank and routing information.