Our Service Level Agreement (SLA)

RE Data takes uptime seriously. We have put a strict SLA into every
hosting contract to protect the clients from downtime. The full text of
the agreement is listed below.

The Data Center shall provide 24/7 continuous access to the Hosted Applications at all
times, with an average uptime of 99.9% calculated over a twelve (12) month period. For
the purposes of comparison, the previous twelve (12) month period had an average
calculated uptime of 100.0%.

Scheduled outages may be taken, from time-to-time, by the Data Center for maintenance
and growth purposes. Scheduled outages are not included in the uptime calculations.
Scheduled outages will be announced at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance, and
shall not last for more than two (2) hours during the business day (8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.,
Monday-Friday), and not more than ten (10) hours outside of the business day (6:01 p.m.
- 7:59 a.m.,  Monday-Friday, weekend days, and National Holidays). For the purposes of
comparison, the number of “Business Day” scheduled outages taken over the last twelve
(12) month period has been: 0.

Any outage or other general inability of the Data Center to provide service shall be
classified as an Unscheduled Outage. Unscheduled outages shall be credited to the
client as follows:

The only exceptions to the SLA shall be unscheduled outages arising from force
majeure, war, rebellion, insurrection, or a catastrophic failure of the United States power
distribution or telephone infrastructure.
Outage Length
Credit Applied
Less than One (1) Hour
No Credit
More than One (1) Hour, and less than (2)
One Half Day Prorated Service Credit
More than Two (2) Hours, and less than
Twelve (12) Hours
One Full Day Prorated Service Credit
More than Twelve (12), and less than
Forty-Eight (48) hours
One Full Week Prorated Service Credit
More than (48) hours
One Month Full Service Credit