Hosting Responsibilities

The following is a list of some of the basic responsibilities of
RE Data

  1. Install The Client’s licensed copy of the MRI Software at The Data Center
  2. Provide troubleshooting of the MRI Software
  3. Provide unlimited client support of the MRI Software to The Client during normal
    support hours
  4. Transfer data files from The Client's existing database to The Data Center
    database server
  5. Set up users and provide necessary login instructions for The Client sites and
  6. Test all new versions of MRI Software sent from MRI Software to The Client
  7. Apply all hot fixes, upgrades and service packs to the IRES product within 48
    hours from receipt of materials from The Client
  8. Upgrade and apply service packs to the system software
  9. Store copies of The Client database(s) at an off-site location
  10. Expand the infrastructure as demand requires it
  11. Test and install new technology that benefits The Client in the hosting environment
  12. Monitor the MRI Software web location for available hot fixes to be downloaded
    and applied
  13. Operate the MRI Software on behalf of The Client
  14. Make access available 24/7 to The Client for use of the MRI Software via The Data
  15. Provide on-going maintenance and trouble- shooting related to the hardware,
    operating systems and communications products
  16. Abide by the terms of the MRI Software License Agreement

Under the traditional hosting scenario, the database, software, hot fixes and other
components of the MRI application remain the property of the client. Further the license
is owned by the client and all contractual software obligations are between the client and
MRI Software.

Investment Schedule – Traditional Hosting
Set Up Procedures and Consulting
Install MRI Software
No Charge
Migrate Database for the MRI application
No Charge
Migrate Images/Reports for the MRI
No Charge
Set up Data Center Users and Passwords
No Charge
Install Hot Fixes – current and ongoing
No Charge
Install Service Packs – current and ongoing
No Charge
Convert Database as Needed
No Charge
Provision Test Area for the Client
No Charge
Monthly Processing of MRI Data
Hosting Services:
Concurrent/NAMED Users
$_____ per month per user
see below
Inquiry Users
$_____ per month per user
see below
Nightly Back-up at the Data Center
Included in Fees
Nightly Back-up to three (3) Remote
Included in Fees
Nightly Back-up and image transmission of
database to the Client
Included in Fees
Software Support for the MRI Application –
all levels
Included in Fees

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