Hosting Services

Application Hosting provides the Client with a way to operate
their product in a virtual “cloud computing” environment,
without the need for servers, server hardware or connections
between each site. Hosting clients simply use the product
(both Windows and Web) by accessing it securely over the Internet.

Support of the product is increased through Hosting, as the data actually resides
with us. RE Data can respond to hosted client support issues without having to arrange a
time to “connect” with the remote client computer.

Backups and off site disaster recovery scenarios are also covered through hosting.
Client data is securely transmitted to two off site locations instantly after it has been
processed by the primary data center. In the event of a total catastrophe, we can
process your data from a backup location.

“How It Works”

There are no special network connections required to use RE Data Hosting. All that is
needed is an Internet connection. The process to install access to their application on a workstation
takes less than five minutes.

An icon is installed on the desktop for every application hosted by RE Data. So,
each user would run a simple program from their desktop that would connect them to the
datacenter. Once connected, the entire “hosting” process is transparent to the user. The
applications look and feel like they are running locally and access to network and local
resources is permitted.