Software support is provided on an UNLIMITED base to RE Data
clients. If the company is a hosting client, support is generally done
on a 18/7 basis. For self-hosting clients, it is a 12/5 basis.

At RE Data Systems, the majority of client support and problem
resolution is done electronically via email or from the support portal
section of the RE Data web site. RE Data operates as a virtual office and all personnel
have constant access to email and the web via a mobile device.

In all cases, the request or issue sent by the client is reviewed first by the account
manager. If the item is deemed to be a mid or entry level support issue, it is resolved by
the manager at once and the reply with details sent back to the requestor. If a problem
submitted by a customer is very complex or requires additional testing, it is directed to a
higher level person for resolution.

The ratio of support people to clients is kept at 20 to 1. This allows RE Data personnel to
know the clients operation. In addition, the client speaks to a technical expert (not an
entry level clerical person) who can solve their problem(s).

Software “Bugs”
From time to time programming mistakes are encountered as part of investigating a
reported issue. If RE Data determines (along with the client) that a programming error has
occurred, the client has two options:

  • The client can open a case directly with MRI Software
  • RE Data can open a case with MRI Software on the client's behalf
    (current SMA with MRI is required).

If the issue is severely impacting the clients ability to continue working, RE Data will
typically develop a “work around” solution. In some cases, this may be in the form of a
custom program at no charge. This happens in about 75% of the program bug cases.

Non-MRI Problems
In perhaps as many as 50% of the reported cases, the cause of a problem is determined
to be something outside the MRI software. This could be an internal network problem,
connection problem, printer problem or something similar.

We are very fortunate to have the technical expertise to solve th ese problems at RE Data
Systems. Hosting clients have this type of support included in their service. Self-hosting
clients can choose to hire RE Data to solve the issue or use another IT group as the

Special Support Options
RE Data Systems has developed a series of highly sophisticated techniques and
operations to greatly improve the support and performance of the MRI Software product
line. Here is a list of some of the most critical components of those services, all of which
are at NO COST to hosting clients:

  • On-demand Snapshot images – a feature that allows a client to create a back-up
    image of their database in less than 10 seconds at any time. This is ideal for use
    just before; closing a month, billing recoveries, assessing late fees, etc. If a
    problem occurs during the process, the client’s data can be reset using the image.
  • Software Housekeeping – a series of program that address issues like unlocking
    users, activating inactive workstations, re-organizing the database to improve
    performance and more.
  • Site Switching for DP Clients – for clients using the MRI Virtual site feature. If
    one user is responsible for more than a single site it, this feature allows the user to
    move between sites under a single user log in.